Fries & Burgers
-the conspiracy joint-
comic book

Brief: Develop and curate a ‘point of view’ through a design response, using
pre-existing ‘data’.

C  O  N  S  P  I  R  A  C  Y
[a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful]

Conspiracy stories have to have a lot of information backing them up, otherwise the seed of the story wouldn't germinate and grow in society. We don't know if any of these stories are correct or true, but some thread of validity must run through each to give them some force in society.


The Bullshit Megaphone:
is a modern activists dream and a politicians nightmare. This machine can pick up on any fallacies, misdemeanour’s and lies that are being spoken. and quickly replaces these phrases with alternate noises or phrases. The audience get an immediate response as to whether what is being said through The Bullshit Megaphone is true
or false. 

By experimenting with Arduino technology it would be possible to programme whole phrases or words (e.g. 'we will stop tuition fees from rising') and replace them with an alternate noise.

Developing The Bullshit Megaphone in the future would mean using AI to detect when inflections give way to a lie.

Fries and Burgers:
is a burger joint where the validity of truth and skill of lying becomes your currency. If you can persuade the staff in some way, whatever way, be it telling a story about what you did last night or your thoughts on Brexit, your stance on immigration and boarders or what you think of Donald Trump, if you can fake your statements you can eat at
Fries and Burgers.

It works via a spectrum system-the more concrete and persuasive your lie the more food you can order. Ordering won't be easy, the staff will pick your brains and want to find holes in your statements, so you better be absolutely clear about the lie you want to tell.

Fries and Burgers will become a meeting place for everyone who wants to exchange and share stories and will become a breeding ground for conspirators and conspiritists alike.

“There are 10 known human meat producers in Cornwall that have been selling their meat to local butchers for a discounted price.”

This statement has been neither proven
or dis-proven.

How do conspiracy stories come about and how do they spread socially? In and Around Penzance is an art installation that will serve to provoke local mentality.

This installation will re-ignite the public interest into what is happening around them and kick-start the people into thinking outside of Penwith.

the comic book

“[Comic books have] provided a rich history of stories that have reached people of all walks of life and shown them something that they might not have seen before.” -Verner, 2016

Comic books are a place where sub cultures can collide, here I can gather and re-configure pre-existing data, allowing me to create new narratives and to propose alternate futures and re-write histories.