Brief: How might I amplify the youth of Penzance (18-28) political voice?

Creating a platform which encourages 20-somethings to listen and be heard amongst their peers, exchange ideas and provide a safe environment in which to critically reflect upon the state of current affairs and discuss politics with validated and referenced sources is the ultimate aim of this project.

“We need a revolution, you know?”

“I look at those guys and the way they live and like, you know, the way they are, the education they were given. We’re nothing like them. They don’t represent us in any kind of ways, so why are we gona want to vote for some dickhead, who’s not gona help us in any kind of way, regardless of what he says, you know, he’s not really out for you, you know he’s out for himself and people like himself..”

How can we* make a noise** that is thoughtful, critical and reflective?

*We. n: the unheard millennials*** **Noise. n: an electric disturbance in a communication system that interferes with or prevents reception of a signal or of information
***Millenial. n: a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st Century

Qualitative and quantitative research and collaborative ideation was undertaken in Penzance to establish the following: