app logo development

Brief: Evolve current My HT logo to make is more visually dynamic. Thinking about the target market and what purpose the app will be used for. Creating a friendly and not too clinical look for the ‘My HT’ brand and app.

The ‘My HT’ app encourages patients to keep taking their hormone therapy (HT) to reduce the likelihood that the cancer will return. The app gives users information about their medication, help them remember to take it and manage their side effects.

#1. Evolution
Evolution of initial logo. The letters are rounded to evoke softness and femininity. Outer circle based on a breast shape, adaptable throughout the app and for individual users.

#2. Personalised Medicine
Taking HT is very important for cancer patients recovery. By designing this logo based on a pill we can subtley emphasise the importance of taking their prescribed HT.
#3. Power
A playful approach to the ‘My HT’ app logo. The letters have been arranged to resemble a fist. A series of diverse women have been created to go alongside this logo which can be interchanged throughout the app and in advertising campaigns.