The Unsexed Phase

Brief: In response to the theme, Automtion.
Challenge the boundaries of contemporary design in order to generate debate and discussion.

Stage One:
automic control

We no longer use our brain to process an event or occurance, but rather take it as it comes and accept the given, e.g. mass media advertising or propaganda campaigns, or the link between colour and our perception of gender roles.

Stage Two:
gender - sexuality

What if we could level the playing field for all human beings?
What if we were no longer ruled by a lone decision-maker?
What if we could stop unconcious bias based on gender?

What if the idea of man/woman was no longer a mask of society?

Stage Three:
speculative thinking

We are born unsexed. We live in an unsexed society. We are educated as sexual beings, but it will no longer remain a taboo or altervatively a device or apparatus used in the power struggle. We work based on logic not bias.

• The evolution of human sexuality • The presentation of human sexuality

“We start with laws, ethics, political systems, social benefits, values, fears & hopes and how these can be translated into material expressions, embodied in material culture, becoming little bits of another world.”
- Dunne & Raby, 2017

The Unsexed Phase stops the manufacturing of new products and concentrates on what we already have.
What if we started to re-appropriate things like works of art? E.g. Tracey Emin’s My Bed. Or use the Bayeux Tapestry to carpet the home? What if we updated technologies, like phones and laptops, washing machines, fridges, kettles and toasters instead of making brand new products?

Stage Four:
speculative design